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6 Reasons to become a CHD DC Sponsor:

  1.  Just Say No to FOMO:  We're merging tech and comedy in the District for a second year in a row. If you missed last year, get in on the fun asap!
  2. Get in a good laugh: CHD DC is all about hi-tech hilarity. Emphasis on the hilarity.
  3. Expose your company to an engaged audience: Two groups you can’t ever shut up: comedians and tech folks. And boy do they love to tweet. #trending
  4. We won’t shut up about your company either: Leading up to the November event, we’ll be posting on all of our social media platforms about our sponsors.
  5. Your name in lights - as many as you want: Depending on your sponsorship tier, your company name can be plastered everywhere or in just a few key places. We draw the line at tattoos... possibly... actually, let's talk options…
  6. VIP Status: When you pitch in $3000, we’ll get you free access to the live comedy showcase and front row seating. Red carpet walk is optional. 

To sign up as a CHD DC sponsor, contact: 
Kelli Herod